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How to play:

When the player plays for the first time, the player is asked to enter a name. This name is used as a name seen by other players. This process requires an internet connection and may take a few seconds or minutes. Please be patient.

Play Rules:
One game consists of 10 rounds. At the beginning of each round a garbage will appear in a random place. Players who can bring the garbage to the trash can get points. Players can grab the trash that other players carry by hitting the player. There is a green arrow that shows the location of the garbage / trash can. Use this as a guide. If there are players who manage to put the trash, the game will go straight to the next round without pause. Players with the most points at the end of the winning game, and get a reward trophy / coin according to the winning sequence.

There are 4 controls in the game, namely left motion, right motion, jump and hit

Competition Mode:
-Offline Mode
Play with AI
-Random Match
Play with other people randomly
-Friend Match
Playing with friends, we must enter the same room name to be able to play together.
-Coop Match
Playing in teams, there are red teams and blue teams. The number of points for a Team is the accumulated points of the team members.
-Friend Coop Match
Play in teams with friends. You must enter the same room name to be able to play together with friends.

-Jetpack (hold down the jump button to fly)

Install instructions

Download apk file and install the game on your Android phone - Please allow installation from unknown source on your phone settings.


garbageman.apk 26 MB

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